Why Should I Get a Puppy?

Adopting a puppy isn’t easy. We’ve got 10 reasons, though, that puppy parenting is a really cute and smart choice. Puppies lower stress Stressed out? Puppies can be supportive in stressful times. Their love and affection has even been known to lower blood pressure. Puppies help kids be better kids Turn off the classical music! Little tykes with pups around the house score higher in cognitive, social, and motor development tests than those without. Puppies make you feel better When humans and dogs interact, “feel good” hormones like serotonin, are released. Proof that pups make us happier. Puppies keep you silly Playing with our canine counterparts gives us the opportunity to be our silliest selves. A puppy is here to play, never to judge! Puppies keep you active People who walk a dog for twenty minutes daily lose more weight than many people on popular diet plans. (Click here to learn ways to exercise and play with your puppy.) Puppies help you make friends Thank your puppy in advance for all the social help! They’ll help reduce isolation just by getting you out and about more. Cue the meet-cute. Puppies heal the heart Yes, it’s true. Puppies can actually help heart health. Dog owners are more likely to live a year longer than those without. Puppies: the sweetest medicine. Puppies help with allergies Though they can be a trigger for people with allergies, growing up in a home with a pup makes children significantly less likely to develop allergies as adults. Puppies grow to be loyal friends Everyone always says dog is man’s best friend. Well, it’s true. The bond you make with a pup is one of the strongest and they’ll grow to become a lifelong friend. Puppies are unbelievably cute Yes, puppies possess the ability to make us laugh, smile, and live longer lives. But they’re also just so dang cute and fun to be around. (Read about the 10 moments that will melt your heart as a puppy owner.

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